Our Purpose

D estiny Changers International Ministries (DCIM) is a non-profit organization that exists to elevate poverty through providing support and programs to underprivileged women and girls to help them to change their lives from poverty to purpose.


Our Mission

Dedicated to fund and deliver aid and development services and projects to alleviate poverty and suffering of woman and girls in an effort to change their lives and destiny so that they can become more self-sufficient and a benefit to their families, communities, and society as a whole.


Our Vision

Improving holistic health and well-being, self-sustaining without hunger, with adequate shelter, economic and educational growth throughout Canada and around the world, and developing into the best ‘WELL’ versions of themselves.

Acting through the direction of the DCIM Board of Directors, DCIM will relieve poverty by assisting underprivileged women and girls in Canada and around the world in the following areas:

  • Providing food, clothing, shelter, life skills, and living services and supplies
  • Promoting economic and educational growth in Canada and around the world
  • Counselling and other similar programs to relieve poverty
  • Coaching and Mentoring support to assist women and girls to make the right choices to move them away from poverty towards a better live
  • Health and Wellness related support services and products (e.g. peer support groups, providing comfort items to cope with hospitalization or health condition) and rehabilitation
  • Improving health, nutrition and access to safe water