Founder & CEO

Dr. Nicole Cvenkel is a Leadership and Holistic Well-Being Specialist, that has earned a reputation as a catalyst of change and voice for the advancement of purpose, potential, well-being, hope and restoration of women. Dr. Cvenkel is a Speaker, Author, Advocate, and Coach that translates spiritual insights that empowers women to be their best 'WELL' selves for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Cvenkel serves as the executive director of the Destiny Changers International Ministries where she oversees the programs and services.

She spearheads the training; Women Leadership and Empowerment Training, which is geared towards transforming lives, restoring hope, advancement and development of Refugees and underprivileged women and girls through the provision of leadership, vocational and economic empowerment training. Women and girls that have encountered life-altering challenges such as abuse, rejection, divorce, joblessness and grief can also benefit from this training.

A gifted writer, Dr. Cvenkel released her first book, This is your greater year: A journey of waiting on God’s promises, in 2012. Author House published Dr. Cvenkel’s second book While Waiting for a Life Partner: Wisdom Keys for Single Christian Women in 2014.

She also released her third book in 2014, Treasured Truths for Women’s Faith and Well-Being, which outlines a roadmap for hope, faith, and wellness.

Readers are encouraged to embrace the connectivity between faith and holistic wellness as a foundation for living a purposeful and happy life daily, even on those days with life inevitable challenges.

Dr. Cvenkel, recently finished her fourth book, Beauty for Ashes: The Time of the Lord’s Favor Has Come. This book will be published in 2019.

This book provides daily ‘beauty empowerment’ for women to facilitate change and to allow women to live their best life now.

God’s restoration, grace, and power is underpinned throughout the book as women are encouraged and empowered to live on purpose, maximize their potential and to live their best WELL life for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Cvenkel is a certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach from the John Maxwell Leadership Team. She is also a certified Coach and Trainer in Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace from the Workplace Bullying Institute. A loving wife, Dr. Cvenkel and her husband, Joze Cvenkel lives in British Columbia, Canada.